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Helpful Links

Find links to useful information about Merrick Farm Goods, Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program, Local Events and Workshops in Monmouth County, and Resources for New Jersey Organic Farming

Organic Goods at Merrick Farm


Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Peppers



Blackberries (Newly added to our field! Berries expected 2024)

Strawberries (harvesting soon)

Green Garlic

Black Garlic (Made to Order)


Medicinal & Culinary Herbs

Greek Oregano

Sweet Marjoram

Tuscan Rosemary

Medicinal Herbs

Herbal Tea Workshops

Plants & Flowers


Assorted Flowers

Potted Plants

Garden Planters

Our Greenhouse

See Availablity

Organic Practices for Home Gardening

What is Organic Farming?

How can I follow organic practices at home?

Where can I find organic soil and supplies?

Where can I find organic seeds?

Why should I choose to eat organic?

What kinds of toxic chemicals are prohibited on Organic Farms?


Join Our Monmouth County Local Produce Group

Grown in Monmouth Official Website

Grown in Monmouth on Facebook

Grown in Monmouth on Instagram

Grown in Monmouth: Directories

Grown in Monmouth: News

Grown in Monmouth: Events

Grown in Monmouth: Resources for Growers

Only Organic Official Website for Information on Organic Food

Only Organic: Why Organic?

Only Organic: Top 10 Reasons to Go Organic

Only Organic: What it Means to Be Organic

Only Organic: Organic Farming Practices

Only Organic: Organic News

eOrganic Official Website for Farming and Research

eOrganic: Introduction to Organic Agriculture

eOrganic: Organic Vegetable Production Systems

eOrganic: Organic Weed Management

eOrganic: Organic Seed Resource Guide

eOrganic Webinars and Lectures

Organic Seed Alliance Official Website

Organic Seed Alliance Resources and Publications

American Horticulture Society Official Website For Gardening Resources

American Horticulture Society: Sustainable Gardening

American Horticulture Society: Creating Container Gardens

American Horticulture Society: Soil Health

American Horticulture Society: Water Efficiency

American Horticulture Society: Supporting Bees, Insects and Other Pollinators

American Horticulture Society: Plant Selection

American Horticulture Society: Materials and Tools

American Horticulture Society: Gardening Maps

American Horticulture Society: Gardening Books

American Horticulture Society: Societies, Clubs and Organizations

American Horticulture Society: Gardening Events

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