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Updated: May 10

We sell Honey! Raw and pure from Merrick Farm! ...and harvested by our wonderful beekeepers of

🐝 Come and get some of this artisan honey that is raw and pure from Merrick farm. 1 lb. Jar @ $20.oo small jar @ $8.oo

Does Plein Air Painting on Merrick Farm sound wonderful to you?

Contact Susan to schedule a visit 732-984-0900

Bring your homeschool group

Delighted us with a visit? Cooked something yummy? Made a beautiful arrangement? Planted something in your garden from Merrick Farm? Preserved your goodies? Tag us on Instagram & Facebook and show us your stuff!!

Check out the National Center for Home Food Preservation and learn how to enjoy your wonderful goodies from Merrick Farm all year! Copy and paste the link below for instructions from the authority on Home Food Preservation.

Text Juan: (732) 298-1545

Merrick Farm is Certified Organic to USDA Regulations and is a registered and active participant in Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), where we have committed to striving to enhance our sustainability and the positive impact we have on our environment with ecological practices in operation, organically produced seeds, holistic practices to address pests, and absolutely no use of synthetic chemical pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. Learn more about Organic and Certified Naturally Grown Practices on our "Helpful Links" page.


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