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Available Now: Home Gardening Plant Starts and Herbs

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Stop by Merrick Farm in Farmingdale, NJ for a great selection of 4-inch Plant Starts for Home Gardening, including Herbs for culinary and medicinal use. This year we began using biodegradable bags, which are ready to drop into your home garden, for optimal root development. Allow us provide you with resources to start or grow your garden! Remember to text to order ahead or check for availability. Sign up for the Merrick Farm Newsletter to hear about new goods and updates.

Pick Up Your Home Plant Starts and Herbs:

Message Juan: (732) 298-1545

Merrick Farm is Certified Organic to USDA Regulations and is a registered and active participant in Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), where we have committed to striving to enhance our sustainability and the positive impact we have on our environment with ecological practices in operation, organically produced seeds, holistic practices to address pests, and absolutely no use of synthetic chemical pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. Learn more about Organic and Certified Naturally Grown Practices on our "Helpful Links" page.


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